Using J5e with the Moddable SDK.

1. Make sure you have successfully configured your host environment for the Moddable SDK.

2. Get the J5e repository

There are a few ways to do this.

You can clone the repo:

cd ~/Projects
git clone


You can download the latest release from Github.


You can install it in your project with npm install j5e.

3. Setup the j5e environment variable to point at your j5e directory

export j5e="/Users/<user>/Projects/j5e"

4. Create a working directory (You can call it whatever you want):

cd ~/Projects
mkdir myProject

5. Navigate into your working directory:

cd myProject

6. Create a manifest.json file in your working directory:

  "include": [
  "modules": {
    "*": [

7. Create your main.js program file. Here's the ubquitous "Hello World" for hardware to get you started:

import LED from "j5e/led";

const led = await new LED(14);

8. Now you're ready to build your program and upload it to your microcontroller (refer to the Moddable docs for help with this):

mcconfig -d -m -p esp